Improvement Suggestions

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Improvement Suggestions

Postby chimera1978 on Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:00 pm

Sorry if this is not the appropriate place to put this or if these have already been asked for, but there a few improvements that could be made to this scope to make it more usable.

1) (I have the same issue with both DPO3EMBD and DPO3COMP). While displaying the hex decode on the screen, sometimes the scope thinks that the field is too long to insert inside of the waveform and replaces it with "...". If I just scroll the zoom window over a hair, it will display the decoded data properly but do the same thing to a different byte. At a particular zoom level, the scope should just display the byte of data no matter how long it is. In short, if it fits for one byte, it should fit for them all.

2) (My demo of DPO3AUTO expired so I cannot give a whole lot of details, but...) I am using a LIN-like protocol including the break and sync bytes. However, I am running it at 115.2kbaud. It would be nice if DPO3AUTO could decode at that baud rate. I believe the highest it went up to 19.2kbaud, maybe 40. While I understand that this is outside of the LIN standard, I don't see any technical reason why it couldn't be supported. I've fallen back and use the RS-232 decoding instead which is mostly okay, but it does not have the options that packetize the data properly so I can only look at it byte by byte.

3) In DPO3EMBD while doing I2C decoding, the event table is great unless I have a long message. Even though there is plenty of room still on the scree, the data column is truncated and puts "..." at the end of my data. There is no column following this parameter. The column should show up to the end of the screen. The memory for the event table also seems to be limited. I can have more information on my screen than what the event table will show me. There should also be a way to scroll quicker or search through event table data. Right now, you can only scroll through using the knobs and if you have thousands of lines of data, it takes a while to get to the bottom. Home and End would be nice too :).

4) While using the search feature, it is a bit annoying that when you use the arrows to go to the next search result, the result shows up in the middle of the screen. There should at least be a way to adjust where it puts it on the screen. Usually when I am using this feature, I do not care about the data to the left of the search marker and would like to see more data to the right of it.

5) It would be great if you are decoding more than one bus that you could display them simultaneously on the event table. I understand that may take a lot of room. If the columns displayed were customizable, that would help.

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Re: MSO3000 Improvement Suggestions

Postby Buck on Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:09 pm

you want a soap box, here is a soap box

if you want our engineers to read it: http://e-sites2.tek.com/actionrequest/art_ui.home
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